The key to any well-presented property is to clean and clear, add a nice mix of colour, lighting and tip in some colour specific décor items. This in turn assists in accentuating your property’s features and maximising its potential.

Clear it out

Getting your property ready for sale means you need to detach as much of “you” from the property to allow someone new to attach themselves. Removing your “day-to-day” clutter and personal items is the first important step. The ever-popular catch cry of De cluttering is key but must be taken seriously to achieve maximum impact on photo and inspection days. Removing your toothbrushes through to toilet brushes will ensure your property is ready for that new potential buyer.

Unify your colours

Another easy way to ensure great presentation throughout your sales campaign is to unify your main living spaces through colour. By selecting a main accent colour you eliminate the rainbow effect that can occur.  A room will tend to feel confused and unbalanced visually when there is too much going on.  Settle on a colour in the existing artwork / soft furnishings and work with that colour through existing or added soft furnishings and decor items. If there are any strong feature walls – a fresh coat of paint can eliminate the strong colours that may not appeal to all buyers and can override a room visually.

Add some Greenery – fresh is best

Adding Greenery extends to indoors and outdoors. Nothing freshens a room or outdoor area more effectively than greenery and for outdoors some dark mulch on garden beds is perfect.. Weeding is also a must! Add a pot plant that is lush and green to your front door entrance in a nice-inviting pot; add seasonal flowers to your dining table – remembering your colour scheme and /or entry space. Also add little pockets of flowers and herbs to side tables in bedrooms / on vanities and on kitchen benches to freshen the main living areas of the home.

Light it up!

Lighting is the finishing touch to create a beautiful ambience in any interior.

It is well worth investing in side lamps and floor lamps for every living room and bedroom. All existing lights should have working bulbs – even the range hood to be ready for your photo shoot and every light should be on for both your photo shoot and inspection for your property to look its very best.